Equitable Public Broadband for All!

Internet must be a public utility to ensure we can provide equitable access for all.

For Seattle to remain one of the leaders of technological innovation, we need more competition and consumer options when it comes to broadband. The current market of private Internet service providers has failed to reach everyone in the city, leaving 93,000 people without home Internet access. The biggest hurdle is price, 80% of Seattle residents say the Internet is essential, but only 30% indicate it is affordable.

– Former Seattle City Councilmember Rob Johnson

Latest Updates

Crosscut: New WA laws start to close public broadband gap -- but it's a small step

"We are doing it deliberately, we are doing it with intent. We are going to make sure we get everyone looked after."

We are planning our work for the Fall! Feel free to join our planning session by registering here.

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What is Municipal Broadband?

Municpal broadband is a community-owned public internet utility. Just like how Seattle owns and operates Seattle City Light, our electricity provider, a municipal broadband provider would be owned and operated by the county.

As a public utility, the Internet network would be accountable to our community, and while private Interet Service Providers (ISPs) are able to pick and choose which areas to provide service, a municipal utility would provide service to every resident of county.

What Can I Do?

There are a number of things you can do to help support municipal broadband and digital equity in King County.

  1. Please join us for our meetings. They happen every other Sunday. Fill out this volunteer form and send us an email (info@sharethecities.org) to get the meeting info!
  2. Follow us on Twitter for action alerts.
  3. Reach out to get involved.